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December 6, 2013


slumgullion slum·gul·lion [sluhm-guhl-yuhn, sluhm-guhl-] noun

1. a stew of meat, vegetables, potatoes, etc.
2. a beverage made weak or thin, as watery tea, coffee, or the like.
3. the refuse from processing whale carcasses.
4. a reddish, muddy deposit in mining sluices.

I haven't heard this words in years and years; my pop used it every now 'n then when referring to my mom's goulash - which really wasn't a true goulash, more like beefaroni. (but much, much better) I don't remember if momma was offended by it, but pop was probably close in the choice of words. Slumgullion is what I call my own "throw everything left in the fridge into the crockpot" dishes, but I always meant it to be derogatory towards my own cooking.

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